Full refund & 100% delivery guarantee.

At buybluepills.com we want to make sure you have a positive experience with us. Most of our shipments go smoothly, but if there is a problem with a product, our refund policy ensures that buyers are satisfied with the product they ordered or they get their money back.
You can use 100% money back guarantee if.
You have not received an item within 30 days. (USA customers)
You have not received an item within 10 days. (Canada customers)
You receive an product that does not meet your expectations
Please note that we offer reshipments only (not a refund) if you provide an invalid delivery address or if you do not accept or collect the order after failed delivery attempts.

How to request a free reship

Please check our tracking tool to ensure the delivery is overdue before taking the next step.
contact our customer service and inform us of the non-delivery. Our first step is to track your package. If the post office can not fix the problem, we will resend the package for free or refund you, whichever you prefer.
To receive a refund, send us a message through the “Talk to Us” section with the following information:
Order number
Your email
You are free to cancel your order within 2 hours of placing it. Please make sure to contact our customer service department directly at getbluepills@protonmail.com or via our chat. In order to make the cancellation, we need your order number. In order to evaluate our service, please indicate the reason for the cancellation.