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Yes! In the USA, Europe, and Canada, ED treatment medication such as sildenafil (Generic Viagra), Tadalafil(Generic Cialis) , Vardenafil (Generic Levitra) and Dapoxetine(Generic Priligy) are not classed as a controlled substance.

No. In fact, the whole point is that we do not ask for any prescription, skip that embarrassing visit to the doctor.

Your order will be shipped within 24h no matter which warehouses you ordering from.Tracking number will be sent to you by email shortly.

From India we have a flat fee of 34$ shipping fees per order, no matter the quantity you order.From Canadian warehouse please go at the checkout .

Our pharmacy currently ships the medication via Xpress Post from our Canadian Warehouse,EMS from the India ,all order come with a tracking number.

We do not require you to be home to receive your package, your package will be left in your mailbox.

If there is no safe place to leave your package, your package will be available at the closest post office for pick up. Usually, packages are available for up to 5 days after the first attempted delivery. If you don’t pick up your package within the allotted time, it will be returned to the sender, which may cause a further delay in your delivery.

The tracking number will be activated when the courier picks up the parcels, which happen on weekdays in the evenings. Check the tracking number later and you should then be able to see the status of your package.

Absolutely. All buybluepills shipments arrive in a blister yellow mail package so you can have your medication shipped wherever makes sense for you as long as it’s a residential address, no PO Box.

Buy bluepills offers both brand name and generic Oral ED medication are generally considered extremely effective and studies show it works for the majority of men, but not all.

Other treatment options for ED include lifestyle improvements (e.g., exercise, diet, quitting smoking, limiting alcohol use), surgery, penile vacuum pumps, and other ED medications. Every treatment comes with risks and benefits that you should fully understand before moving forward with it.

Blood pressure is an important factor in determining whether it is safe for you to use prescription ED medication. To complete your online visit, it is essential that you are accurate and honest about your blood pressure and that it was taken within the last 6 months. When used improperly, these medications can cause serious harm or even death. If you haven’t had your blood pressure taken within the last 6 months, you can get a free blood pressure range at most retail pharmacies or at a clinic.

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